Fit Mommy Mantras – Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2012 at 3:53 pm 1 comment

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! It’s my first and like everyday, today I”m trying to be a good mommy.  I am trying to be my best and set the best possible example I can for my daughter when it comes to being  a kind, gracious, loving, intelligent, thoughtful, adventurous, confident person in the world – and to be healthy, love her body, be fit and strong.  The first several on this list come easier to me…

Lola eating her green veggies...and lovin' it!

Lola eating her green veggies…and lovin’ it!

I am sure I will pass on a neurosis or two – it’s inevitable, despite my trying! But a few things I am mindful of more than others (because I STILL struggle with these everyday) are my hang ups on dieting, pressure to be perfect and of course, my thighs.  I created this list to remind us all to keep it positive; love ourselves (love handles and all) as we strive to lose weight, have a better or body (or keep one); and always aim to do BETTER even when we can’t do our best. I call them my Fit Mommy Mantras:

I matter and my needs have to get met in order to BETTER care for my family.

Children learn by example.  What examples of health and fitness am I modeling right now?

ANY exercise today is better than nothing. If 10 squats and 10 pushups is all there’s time for today, that’s better than doing nothing at all.

What is more important than teaching my children a healthy attitude towards food? Not restriction, not overindulgence and not “dieting”, but rather nourishment, flavor and balance.

When I eat high quality lean proteins, loads of vegetables and some healthy carbs such as fruit or root veggies, my blood sugar is more level and so is my mood.  (AKA Mommy is nicer!)

Having more options for working out is key – have a gym membership, have a few key pieces of equipment at home including a yoga mat, TRX, Valslides and an exercise ball.

Tight, sore muscles make mommy cranky.  Make time for foam rolling (aka self massage) daily.

Drink more water.

Exercising and eating well do more than benefit me, they illustrate a great example for the people I love.

Prep enough food for several meals with one cooking session…there will never be more hours in the day for cooking.

Have cooked proteins (chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs, bison burgers, etc) and washed veggies on hand at all times.  Use sardines, canned fish or organic, nitrate free chicken or turkey, or protein shakes for quick options you don’t need to cook.

Banish nasty, negative thoughts about your body. Watch negative talk about yourself and your body around those little souls we’re trying to foster self-love and self-confidence in.

Strength is an admirable quality. Train hard, be strong….in both body and in mental fortitude.  Find the strength to follow through on your fitness goals, eat well and be your BEST.

Keep conversation focused on being healthy, being fit and being BETTER rather than on not being fat, not being out of shape or not eating junk.

Be BETTER today!

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